Affiliate program

Are you looking for an opportunity you decided to receive a stable daily income without investing your own funds? With us, you can earn commission through our unique referral program, designed to attract investors and partners in a gold and copper concentrate extraction startup. TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES INVESTMENT is a company which offers active participants in our project the chance to earn initial capital within the referral program.

Features of the referral program :

  • With each new participant involved, you earn an commission of 12% of the investment amount - 1st line.
  • Your referral attracts new partners - you earn 4% of the invested funds from new participants - 2nd line.
  • A Level 3 referral will augment your budget by 2% of the value of the investments made within the crowdinvesting project.

The number of levels and the total number of participants in the referral program is unlimited, implying an income which can inrease exponentially. It’s all up to you and your referrals’ activity of attracting new prospective investors and partners to the project.

How to attract new investors

To participate in the referral program, any meansof bringing new investors and partners is suitable:

  • If you are a coach, give talks about profitable investments in a gold mining start-up and furnish all interested parties with a link to the program of crowdinvesting.
  • If you are a blogger, simply write in your personal blog about the possibilities of obtaining a stable, long-term income by investing in stocks of gold mining companies, and provide a link to our project.
  • If you communicate in forums, simply start a conversation about investing in the real economy, and then provide a backlink for the convenience of other users.
  • If you are a social networking enthusiast, feel free to repost this article on your own page with a backlink to our project.
  • If you are a student, you can run commercials or free advertisements on the Internet, encouraging new members to join the program, for which you will receive attractive bonuses from the referral program.

The more participants you attract, the more bonuses you will have and the higher your remuneration. Register on our website; bring your friends, acquaintances and colleagues for their chance to earn passive invoice from this profitable referral program, each and every day!