Stock Exchange

Dear Investors!

As previously reported, we closed the sale of the company's shares and successfully launched a test production line. Further, the company will no longer sell shares, however, anyone who wishes to do so can now enter the project.
Since September 1, we are launching a stock exchange between our Investors. The price of a share is set by the seller. All transactions will be conducted through our website and, therefore, they are safe.

Stock Exchange rules:

  1. The seller decides how many shares he wants to sell, forming at the same price for one share, which he sells.
  2. After the application is created, the seller writes off the shares for the quantity that he has generated in the application. The application itself acquires the status "in line for consideration".
  3. After checking the application by the administration, the application changes its status to "approved." On this status, anyone can buy any number of shares specified in the application.
  4. After the buyer purchases the shares, the cash is immediately removed from the buyer's balance sheet and the shares that he purchased within the application are credited.
  5. If there are ounces from the seller, after the sale of shares, all ounces of the seller are canceled.
  6. The administration forms an agreement for the seller and the buyer on the transfer of shares.
  7. After signing all contracts, the transaction is considered completed and the seller receives funds to the account of Advcash.

Terms of transactions:

  • Deposit is only available through bank transfer and Advcash
  • Any other method of replenishment, in particular, with a crypto currency, is discussed individually
  • Referral fees for transactions on the stock exchange are absent
  • In transactions, only verified users participate, if necessary, the Administration may request additional information to confirm the identity of the Investor
  • The withdrawal of funds is only for the Advcash system

For any questions of the work of the exchange, you will be consulted by our support service.