About us

To guarantee a successful future for you and your family you need a long-term investment in the stable, reliable and secure financial instruments. Financial crisis, political uncertainty, ecological disasters and low yield environment have dominated the news in the last decade while gold have grown 400% in the same period. While setting your sights on a stable growth and high returns, owning profit shares of gold exploration company and receiving annual dividends in subsequent years have to be considered.

It’s a viable solution for both preserving and multiplying your capital in the conditions of permanent inflation and currency fluctuations, not to mention stagnation in the real estate market and financial services. It is gold that continues to have attractive level of returns in 2017 and can ensure safety of investment capital and provide an opportunity to obtain long-term stable income with minimal risk for the investors.

As a company, Tadinv has been around since 2013 and is registered in Hong Kong, in the special administrative region of China, capable of providing convenient conditions for attracting private investments into a promising gold ore and copper exploration company.

Tadinv has 3 active large scale exploration licenses and 1 active gold mine (>1500 kg of gold above 35m level is confirmed by SGS laboratory) in Zambia.

We have developed a unique program of crowd investing for individuals, no matter what level of initial capital you may have to invest. For as a little as $190, you can contribute to the current business in order to fund the industrial extraction of gold and copper concentrate on the African continent.

The total cost of the project is $6,000,000. Since 2013, we have invested heavily into exploration and geological research as well as obtaining licenses and local permits. We own a plot of 750km2 with a high percentage of gold and copper confirmed. 

All Tadinv investors automatically become interest-holders in a highly profitable business, involved in the extraction, processing and sale of gold ore and copper concentrate in world markets. In other words, our investors receive profit shares of a Hong Kong based company, which owns controlling stake in gold mining and gold processing enterprises in Zambia.

Our values:

  • We provide the best opportunities for investing in the real sector of the economy in order to obtain a stable income.
  • We provide investment attractiveness of the company and increase market capitalization.
  • We accept predictable investment solutions for the stable growth and prosperity of the company.
  • We always adhere to the classical principles of responsible investment with high ethical standards.
  • We create investment instruments with high profitability and low risk.
  • We conduct an open, transparent dialogue with investors and shareholders of the company in order to form trusting relationships.
  • We respect the confidentiality of private investments and financial transactions

Our guarantees:

  • We only cooperate with reliable enterprises of the commodity sector.
  • Our representatives are on the Board of Directors of gold mining companies.
  • Investors receive a stake in a company that owns a controlling stake in local gold mining enterprises.
  • We offer a free sale of the company's profit shares to other members of the crowd investing programme and a share buyback by the company itself 1 year after the start of the production.
  • Received funds are invested in a monetary gold (gold bars) and shares of enterprises engaged in the extraction and processing of gold ore and copper concentrate.

We have set ourselves the goal of becoming a transparent, successful gold ore and copper extraction business that will make its investors prosperous along the way. Tadinv is sociable responsible company; we are building schools, hospitals, and villages for the local population of Zambia and investing 10% of its profits into the development of local communities and infrastructure.

You are welcome to visit the opening of our factory in Zambia on the 1st of August 2017 to make sure your money are put to work!