Shares of the project

Have you decided to invest your personal funds into a reliable and highly profitable business? Take a closer look at the perspective investment project for gold mining and copper concentrate. The company TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES INVESTMENT offers all investors the chance to join our program of crowdinvesting and thereby increase their own capital.

Opportunities for investors :

  • When buying a share in TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES INVESTMENT, a contract is signed for the purchase of a stake in the amount of the invested funds.
  • Together with the purchase of a share, the investor receives the personal CERTIFICATE confirming ownership of the acquired company's share.
  • The maximum period for commencement of payment of dividends is 14 months, or 3 months after the start of production, according to the total acquired percentage of the company's shares.
  • Dividends will be paid quarterly.
  • Priority right to purchase a share belongs to TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES INVESTMENT.

Offer for investors

We offer simple and understandable partnership options that are optimal for beginners and professional investors, no matter what their level of initial capital.The more significant your share will be in the company, the more dividends will be deducted to you, and thus your income will be larger. Register on our website, purchase a share of the gold mining company and receive substantial quarterly dividends! The company TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES INVESTMENT is the right investment in your future.